“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has to go through to achieve that beauty.” – Dr. Maya Angelou

Becca North

Hi and welcome! I created this space to share information about my book, Your Hidden Superpowers: How the Whole Truth of Failure Can Change Our Lives, and my work more generally, including my research in the area of human flourishing. I hope you find something that intrigues you. For speaking requests, please use the "Contact Becca" link.

About the Book

Your Hidden Superpowers: How the Whole Truth of Failure Can Change Our Lives reveals that the way we think about failure affects our lives powerfully, often in ways we don’t see. The way that most of us view failure—the prevailing view—is that failure is bad. This book challenges that conventional view and illuminates how it is false. The prevailing view of failure is only a slice of the truth, yet this partial truth has a full-blown consequence. It shapes the way we lead our lives, holding us back and leading us to stay well within the bounds of what is possible. As a result, the way we view failure blocks us from tapping our full potential.

This book aims to expose the whole truth of failure by taking a fresh, frank look at the topic. It unveils the hidden dimensions of failure’s stunningly powerful bright side, takes an unflinching look at failure’s dark side, and spotlights cutting-edge, conventional-wisdom-defying research that redefines what it means to respond well to failure.

Your Hidden Superpowers draws on science + stories, including my research and that of other experts as well as personal interviews I conducted with inspiring, well-known individuals from a wide range of fields: poetry and literature, politics, sports, education, business, and, more generally, leadership. By drawing on a sweeping range of sources, including science, literature, philosophy, speeches, biographies, and popular culture, this book aims to rewrite the story we tell ourselves about failure. It also puts forth a vision of how shifting our view of failure would shift how we lead our lives and ultimately yield profound benefits for us as individuals and as a society by exposing hidden resources within us—innovations, breakthroughs, joy, meaning, and magic yet to be discovered.

This book aims to spark a cultural shift in how we view failure.
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About the picture: This picture is of the road that leads to the house where I wrote the book. The house, in Durham, North Carolina, was offered to me as a place to write by the best teacher I’ve ever had, Dave Gould, and his wife, Lyn. They recently had retired and were taking a several-months-long trip and offered their home as a place for me to write. The offer of that space was one of the greatest gifts I ever have received. I ended up writing there for nearly a year, and I took a picture along the dirt road that led to the house during every season. All four pictures are on this website. This one is from the fall.


Your Hidden Superpowers is available on Amazon and also at BookPeople, an independent bookstore in Austin, Texas. The picture of the book on a shelf here was taken at BookPeople.